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Glowing Barbyses

An excessive amount of public enterprise is often transacted at Kyat-Khana; after which the glowing Barbyses is alive with the gilded barges of the Pashas and Beys, capturing over the ripple like meteors; the grandee himself being fastidiously shielded from the solar by a pink umbrella, held over him as he reclines on his cushions on the backside of the boat, quietly smoking his chibouque, by an attendant, who’s squatted on the raised stern of the arrow-like bark, instantly behind trace.

The valley of Kyat-Khana is a really favorite resort of the current Sultan, who has expended appreciable sums in beautifying the palace, and in ornamenting the fountains and kiosques which appertain to it; however solely a short while because it was completely deserted for 2 years, owing to the dying of a favorite Odalique, who expired all of the sudden, within the very zenith of her youth and wonder, throughout a go to which she made right here along with her Imperial grasp; whose grief at her loss was so intense, that he couldn’t hear to inhabit the valley till time had blunted his remorse. A good-looking head-stone, erected to her reminiscence, lettered with gold, and overshadowed by a weeping willow, stands upon a sq. platform, beneath the home windows of the saloon occupied by the Sultan ; and the breeze, because it sweeps by the flexile branches of the tree, nearly carries them into the condo. Sultan Mahmoud, who’s esteemed a really respectable poet for an Emperor, is alleged, throughout his season of despair, to have written a pathetic ballad in her honour; however, be that as it might, it’s sure that she has been lengthy forgotten among the many bevy of beauties who now tread the gilded chambers of the palace of Kyat-Khana.


Eyoub, superbly located on the jap extremity of the partitions of Constantinople, and stretching all the way down to the very lip of the harboim, is the “ holy of holies” of the Turks. Its magnificent mosque and its picturesque cemetery are equally historic ; whereas its place, overlooking the entire extent of the Golden Horn, and commanding a noble view far up the Bosphorus, is probably unrivalled. Easily-rounded hills, feathered with timber various in character, however all wealthy in magnificence, kind a back-ground eminently scenic ; the lofty maple and the leafy plane-tree, the fan-like acacia and the inflexible cypress, flourish facet by facet, and overshadow a wilderness of graves ; whereas the suburb itself, unusually well-built and common, circles a portion of the harbour with stately and nice dwellings.

The mosque, constructed of the purest white marble, with a court docket gloriously shaded by gigantic timber, and paved with the identical materials of which the edifice consists, is probably the most sacred of all of the Constantinopolitan temples ; for on this spot custom says that Abu Eyoub, the companion-in-arms of the Prophet, was slain, in the course of the siege of the Saracens in GGS, a truth which was revealed in a imaginative and prescient to Mahfhnet II. about 800 years afterwards; who, in commemoration of the occasion, laid the muse of the current mosque, which is likely one of the most elegant within the capital; and is rendered nonetheless extra holy within the eyes of the Turks, from the circumstance that it’s inside these partitions that each Sultan, on his accession, is invested with the sword of sovereignty. No infidel foot is permitted, underneath no matter pretence, to desecrate the mosque of Eyouh; and Christians are not often, and all the time reluctantly, admitted even to the court docket.


The oldest ecclesiastical edifice within the metropolis

The oldest ecclesiastical edifice within the metropolis—the Church of S. John the Baptist, connected to the monastery of Studius—doesn’t, nonetheless, symbolize Byzantine structure. In-built 468, it’s a basilica, and accordingly is a specimen—the one specimen in Constantinople—of the earliest sort of a Christian sanctuary. It was well-nigh destroyed in a conflagration that devasted the district of Psamatia in 1782, and its roof was crushed in by a heavy fall of snow some three winters in the past. However, although solely the shadow of its former self, its primitive character might be clearly recognised. The outdated atrium earlier than the church remains to be right here, with a phiale or fountain in its centre for the purification of the gathering worshippers. Of the colonnaded cloister alongside the 4 sides of the atrium, the western portion, borne by 4 columns and forming the narthex of the church, nonetheless stands. There catechumens and penitents, unworthy to tread the holy floor inside the sanctuary, stood outdoors and afar off. Stunning bushes now unfold their branches over the courtroom, and the shaded gentle falls upon turbaned Moslem tombs, as of yore it fell upon the graves of Christian monks, from the bushes rising within the Paradise of the monastery. It’s the most peaceable spot in all Constantinople, and as truthful as it’s calm and quiet The narthex belongs, undoubtedly, to the unique cloth.

Marble pillars topped by Corinthian capitals

Its marble pillars topped by Corinthian capitals of a late sort bear a horizontal entablature, and the egg and dart decoration, the dentils, the strings of pearls, acquainted within the friezes of Greek and Roman temples mingle with foliage, birds, and crosses, expressive of latest concepts and tastes. Inside, the inside was a corridor 89 ft by 88, divided by a double row of seven columns of verde vintage marble, right into a nave and two aisles. The proportion of size to breadth is larger than is common in basilicas of the West, and a sign of the tendency to imagine the sq. plan which Byzantine structure so strongly manifests. The lengthy lessening vistas so spectacular in Western church buildings are not often, if ever, present in an Jap sanctuary. Within the latter the construction is extra compact, and the worshipper stands earlier than a Presence that compasses him about alike on each aspect. On the jap finish of the nave is the standard apse, semicircular inside, a polygon of three sides on the outside. Triforium galleries, now gone, divided the aisles in two tales, the higher storey bearing additionally columns of verde vintage. The columns of the decrease tier have been sure by a horizontal entablature whereas their fellows above have been united by arches, a mingling of outdated and new kinds. The roof was of wooden, as in related basilicas elsewhere. The church recollects the Church of S. Agnes at Rome. Its disappearance will likely be a matter of deep remorse, not solely as an historical landmark, however as an edifice which preserved the environment of early Christian congregations, and mirrored, nonetheless faintly, the sunshine of basic days, via all of the adjustments of the town’s tastes and fortunes.